Innovation Ecosystem Support

Ensuring improved service offerings for the digital transformation of non-Tech MSMEs

The digital innovation ecosystem support output aims to ensure improved service offerings from Innovation support organizations (ISO) for the digital transformation of non-Tech MSMEs are promoted by supporting the establishment of DIHs in line with the AEDIB|NET framework and enabling knowledge transfer and capacity building between DIHs in Europe and Nigeria. In addition, existing ISOs are strengthened to provide services to start-up and innovative MSMEs to validate existing digital solutions and to MSMEs in non-ICT sectors to foster their digital transformation.

Expected Results

Establish five (5) AEDIB|NET Digital Innovation Hubs in Nigeria
Implement capacity-building measures for ten (10) Innovation Support Organizations.
Develop a digital transformation blueprint for non-tech MSMEs
Pilot an audit/certification system for Innovation Support Organizations

Call For Proposals For Digital Innovation In Nigeria

DTC Nigeria is looking for innovative organizations and ideas that will form partnership and offer services to support the digital transformation of MSMEs in Nigeria.