Our Approach

The project follows a holistic approach to digitalising the economy. It works with all stakeholders in the digital ecosystem to promote the supply of and demand for digital innovation.

Innovation centers, public and private service providers and consultants are empowered to support MSMEs with their digitalization efforts. At the same time, the project highlights existing potential, for example in a pilot project aimed at using innovation vouchers to close the funding gap for companies.

The project supports the government in implementing its policies and strategies for digitalizing the Nigerian economy. In doing so, it promotes the long-term provision of digitalization services for MSMEs, and, at the same time, positively contributes to the country’s economic growth.

Gender Smart Approach

GIZ/DTC Nigeria utilises gender transformative curriculums and workshops to support MSMEs, startups, partners and ecosystem enablers alike on their journey towards more gender transformative products, services, organisations and ultimately ecosystems.  In addition to boosting awareness and improving theoretical know-how, GIZ/DTC Nigeria seeks to address current challenges and co-develop context-relevant solutions and approaches with ecosystem actors by offering gender transformative business development and advisory services/support.

The ultimate goal is to embed gender transformative approaches at the micro level (MSMEs, Start Ups) & meso level (innovation support organisations & ecosystem enablers) and incentivise the implementation of practices and solutions that contribute to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive digital innovation ecosystem in Nigeria and ultimately, Africa

Gender Desk Activities


Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) Gender Transformative Training

DTC Nigeria Digital Innovation Hubs were trained on gender concepts and the importance of Gender Transformative Approaches to go beyond addressing symptoms of inequality and tackle structural and systemic factors to eliminate gender-based disadvantages such as gender ascribed roles, uneven power relations and structures, social norms and rules and discrimination within their business operations and in offering products and services to female customers. 

International Day of the Girl Child – Experience Tech Workshop

The Digital Transformation Centre Nigeria (DTC Nigeria) actively drives digital inclusion of women and girls in the digital economy with an Experience Technology Workshop for International Day of the Girl Child (October 11th) in collaboration with the University of Lagos. 30 female students were taught topics on digital literacy, online safety and had hands-on practical sessions on building and coding an obstacle-avoidance robot. All the students engaged with 3D printing and robotics for the first time and discussed with successful women in technology to inspire them to seek careers in tech.

Participation of Women at Ghana Digital Innovation Week

The Gender Desk at DTC Nigeria also facilitated the participation of five female leaders from its partner organisations at the Ghana Digital Innovation Week. Their participation in the knowledge exchange & capacity building opportunities is gender transformative approach designed to create an empowering and supportive environment that challenges gender norms, fosters inclusion, and promotes sustainable change in the participants’ professional lives and the broader tech industry in Nigeria. 

Call For Application: Innovation Support Organizations (ISO)

Are you an Innovation Support Organisation (ISO) that is passionate about driving the digital transformation of Nigeria’s entrepreneurial landscape?