Digital Innovation Hubs

We are supporting the digital transformation of MSMEs in Nigeria

Digital Innovation Hubs are a coordinated group of organizations with complementary expertise and a public-benefit objective, offering a set of services and activities to small businesses to support their digital transformation and innovation through a one-stop shop. Learn more in the video below.

Our Innovation Hubs

DTC Nigeria supports the formation and operationalization of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) in Nigeria that will:


Drive Digital Transformation

Drive the digital transformation of MSMEs across Nigeria and build innovation ecosystems around them.

Link Networks of Digital Hubs

Link with the African and European networks of Digital Innovation Hubs to foster technology and knowledge transfer.

Service and Activity Areas

A Digital Innovation Hub needs to provide Services and Activities along Four Areas:

Call For Proposals For Digital Innovation In Nigeria

DTC Nigeria is looking for innovative organizations and ideas that will form partnership and offer services to support the digital transformation of MSMEs in Nigeria.